Los Compadres…worth checking this place out!

We’ve been in California for 2 years now, and, besides the Taco Truck, we haven’t had really great Mexican food.  Can I tell you how disappointing that has been?!  I LOVE Mexican food!  However, this all changed yesterday!

We were starved after a full day of my husband competing and me watching 🙂 a local CrossFit competition.  We had heard of Los Compadres but had not tried it yet.  We stopped at the location in Long Beach on E. Anaheim.

Oh. My. Word!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dear, sweet Compadre, where have you been these past 2 years?! The service was great and the food phenomenal!  They bring out two different types of complimentary salsa and the spice was on point!  We also ordered the Queso Fundido Con Chorizo as an appetizer.

Queso Fundido Con Chorizo

Queso Fundido Con Chorizo

Melted cheese topped with chorizo and sauteed bell peppers and onions… Amaaaaazeballs!! It came with tortillas.  Let’s just say I had to MAKE myself stop so I’d still have room for my meal.  And my husband, who is a picky eater (especially with vegetables), actually ate it with the onions and bell peppers (I don’t know who or what invaded his body!).

My main course…

Bistec Ranchero

Bistec Ranchero

Massive portion and the flavor, well, WOW!

Definite thumbs up to Los Compadres Restaurant in Long Beach on E. Anaheim!  Average prices, good service, and excellent food!

Los Compadres

Los Compadres

Go check them out!

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