Healthy Eating

Feb. 4 then Mar. 15...I was pretty fit already but I leaned out even more.

Feb. 4 then Mar. 15…I was pretty fit already but I leaned out even more.

WOW, right?!?!

WOW, right?!?!









Last year my husband and I participated in a fitness/nutrition challenge at our CrossFit box Heyday Fitness Elite.  We learned so much about clean eating and eating for performance.

It was a 40-day challenge, but we didn’t want it to be something short-term.  We wanted this to be a lifestyle change.  So the first thing we did was clear out the pantry!  All processed foods were donated to the homeless.  If it’s not there, you can’t go to it in moments of weakness!  We’ve added a few things back into our diet since that time, but I would say about 70% of our diet is clean.

One of the big keys to eating healthy is to prepare!  Eventually, it becomes part of your routine and it saves you from turning to the junk food.

Depending on what day of the week your workday starts, take 1 hour, JUST 1 HOUR, the day before your work week starts to prepare food for the week.  If you also need to prepare dinner, it may take longer.  But you can prepare breakfast, snacks, and lunches in an hour.

Check out the article and video How To Meal Prep for Fat Loss (In Under an Hour), which was posted by Heyday Fitness Elite and written and produced/edited by Ricky Magana.

You can also Watch on YouTube: 

Published on Jul 15, 2014                                                                                             Discover How Ben and Heidi transformed their bodies on our Fat Loss Challenge with Paleo Food Prep


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